Launch Your Dream Podcast

After a free 30-minute consultation, we'll turn your vision into an actual show!

Custom podcast music, composed and recorded by resident music nerd, Addison.

Don’t sweat it! We’ll make sure that your podcast is beautifully seamless and conversational.

Kristi will lovingly release your fab content into the world, and write a kick-ass blog post, too.

Our Approach

With customized packages, specific attention to details, and professional equipment to take your podcast to the top, our mission is to take care of the time-consuming admin tasks so that you can focus on content creation. Everything is offered in-house, and with a limited number of clients, we care about your show just as much as you do.

About Us

We’re Addison and Kristi,

a one-stop-shop for all of your podcasting needs based in Nashville, TN. There's nothing

we love more than making

music, cuddling our two cats,

and helping new hosts press record stress-free.

Photo by Mycah Burns

Or learn to DIY with our self-paced online course


Initial Set Up




Production & Editing



Addison and Kristi have been so helpful and have the fastest turnaround! Their level of investment in my project and success continues to astound me. The A&K team make me feel valued and appreciated, and their encouragement and guidance is incredible. I can't wait to see how my podcast grows with their help. 

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