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4 Reasons To Upload 4 Episodes When Launching Your Podcast

When you're first starting your podcast, there is so much to do: decide on episode topics, write a show description, actually record it, upload it to BuzzSprout, learn how to get sponsors, and more. It can all seem overwhelming just to get ONE episode on iTunes! But I'm telling you to upload 4? I know; ick! Let me explain the 4 reasons you should upload 4 episodes when launching your new show.

1. Your audience will be able to binge your content.

How many times have you sat in front of the TV for hours when watching a new show on Netflix? How often have you broken the rule "one more chapter" because you just couldn't put down the book you were reading? People love to binge on their new discovery, and if you only upload one episode the day you launch, they may not fall in love enough to subscribe just yet.

2. It demonstrates commitment.

Commit, baby. No one likes a flake! Uploading multiple episodes right from the start tells your listeners you are dedicated to your audience and can be trusted to deliver content every week. People will be more likely to subscribe to a podcast if they know you're going to actually show up consistently!

3. Expectations are set.

In the first 4 episodes, you have the ability to set your audience's expectations with what they are going to hear from you every week. If you're doing an interview-style podcast, by 4 episodes into your show, your listeners will know what kind of guests to expect. If you're recording solo-shows, they will gather what kind of topics you're going to cover. Expectations being set right from the beginning are crucial to your podcast's success.

4. It's SEO-friendly.

When people search for podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, or any other platform, they are searching for keywords. Based on what they type, the search engines will find shows and episodes that are the best match. This means that when you have uploaded 4 different episodes, you increase the chances of your show being seen, even though it's brand new! Holla!

Well, there you have it: 4 reasons you should upload 4 episodes when launching your podcast! I hope this inspired you to batch-record your first few episodes and get them launched right from day 1. Happy podcasting, friends!

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