• Kristi Monte

Utilizing A Blog To Grow Your Podcast

Many people start a podcast because they like to speak more than they like to write. I know when I started my podcast I was like, "Yes! Finally! A platform where I can just talk and talk and talk!" And that's true... sort of.

But Addison and I tell our clients to have a blog in addition to their podcast. In fact, our Silver and Platinum packages include show notes writing as a weekly service because we think it's just that important! Let me explain why.

Currently, there is no way to search for a podcast on Google. When someone is searching "how to start a blog," and there is a podcast episode on that exact topic, that episode will not show up on Google. But you know what will?

Articles. Blog posts. Videos. (Basically everything else).

Now, until Google gets with the picture and starts making podcasts searchable on more than just iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher, we need to get our podcasts seen by way more people. How the heck do we do that?


Sorry, that was really passionate. But it's true!

Blogs are SEO-friendly; meaning that if you include the right keywords in your posts and pair it with a catchy and click-able title, they will be seen. They are searchable, and they will show up when someone searches for the exact title of your post.

"But Kristi, I don't want to blog. I don't want to add ANOTHER thing to my plate!"

Dude, this doesn't have to be extra work! Most podcasters I know write an outline for themselves before they hit record, so they can keep the episode focused and eliminate awkward pauses and other moments that will require a lot of production. When you have an outline, it is so easy to create a blog post based on your outline!

So here's how it works. For the actual blog itself, don’t make it too complicated for now—just upload a picture of you on the home page along with your show description. You can get fancy later!

Then, every week take the outline you've already written, condense it to 350-500 coherent sentences, make the title of the post the exact same as the title of the then embed the podcast episode into the post. This is so those who stumble upon your blog will know you have a podcast, and maybe they'll head over to iTunes and subscribe. Who knows!

So, now you get it. Now you understand why I want you to have a blog alongside your podcast, or what I call a landing page. It simultaneously serves as a hub for your audience to get to know you better, and it is a way to drive more traffic to your show, too.

Happy podcasting, friend!

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